Jessica Conner | Mom to Leo and Teacher

"I am so grateful to have had Jo be a part of my journey into motherhood. I attended both her pre and post natal yoga classes, which were such gifts to myself and my baby. Jo's classes are empowering, but also help you reconnect with your changing body, as well as your baby. She helps you to strengthen your pelvic floor, release tension and find healing and a sense of calm in the business of being a new mom. She truly creates a peaceful place for moms to come to in every class. Thank you for sharing your light and beautiful energy with me."

Madeleine Cooke | Mum and Teacher

"I started going along to classes with Jo when I was just 9 weeks pregnant and they became such an important part of my journey. I continued with the pre natal group right up to the birth of my daughter and joined again for the post natal classes! Every week I benefited on both a physical and emotional level and without the regular contact and support from Jo’s teaching as both yoga instructor and mother, (as well as the other mums,) I’m not sure I would have had the natural birth that I wanted. I learnt so much about my body, the importance of breathing and many other valuable things. I would highly recommend Jo’s classes to anyone looking for a little calm and empowerment during pregnancy or after!" 

Amelie Lan | Mama and Jewellery Maker

"When I started prenatal yoga classes with Jo quite early in my pregnancy, I have to admit I was only half convinced to taking Prenatal yoga classes , I wasn't sure I wanted a very soft yoga practice and at the same time I didn't want a hard core yoga class either ...mmm yes, like most pregnant women, my mind kept changing, was nauseous, sometimes cold sometimes hot, tons of questions about the future invading my mind, in a nutshell, I was all over the place...but what was amazing with Jo, is that her classes would always end up centering me. She'd always check how we were doing at the beginning of each class, and adjust the class according to our mood, pains... She'd share her experience, having  given birth to two beautiful children.. There is something very special about Jo, she's got this caring, calming, positive energy that just always transfers to you..and it might sound a bit strange, but her voice is just soothing, magic. She creates such a relaxing atmosphere with her essential oils, her infusions and her choice of music, it is pure Bliss for a pregnant women in need of a bit of a safe place to balance themselves, relax, get centered. Plus, your pelvic floor will thank you for having prepared them to the marathon they will soon have to endure! I enjoyed her classes so much that I continued going to her classes after my baby was born!! I really couldn't recommend her and her classes more!"

Liesbet Loos |  Mama 

During my second pregnancy I found myself rushing through the day. It’s what you do as a working mum. That’s why I decided to have pregnancy yoga lessons with Jo. I looked forward to it every Wednesday. I took my eldest daughter to school, had a drink on a terrace and then went to my yoga lesson. The minute I sat on the yoga mat, closed my eyes and listened to the voice of Jo, it made me feel so peaceful and relaxed and brought me into the “there-is-nothing-more-than-me-and-my-little-baby-zone” every time.

I will be honest, I’m not the most flexible person (body wise ;)). But this didn’t matter. Jo helped me through all the positions, which made me enjoy every movement and I felt that my little daughter was becoming just as relaxed as her mum. When I walked home from the yoga session my belly always felt so soft and “we” could handle the whole world again. Jo also gave me tips about movements I could do at night when my hips started to get very sore. She always made sure I felt comfortable and made me feel proud of myself that I was carrying a little baby inside of me.

This positive experience made me decide to join the post natal yoga as well. It is so special to be back on the yoga mat this time with my baby in front of me.

I can definitely recommend Jo to all pregnant mums out there. You will be going home much more relaxed than you came and a relaxed mama is the best gift for your baby.

Christine Zindy | Mum | Speech Therapist

I had classes with Jo during my last pregnancy and she is fabulous! With such a busy life, it was wonderful to take time out to concentrate on and connect with the new life growing inside of me. I came away from our sessions so relaxed and peaceful. I highly recommend Jo and her classes!!!

Txell Hernandez Gill | Mama | Online Journalist

I really loved attending Jo’s classes during my second pregnancy and after the birth. I was practicing yoga with my first pregnancy too somewhere else but with Jo it was a totally different story! My body felt wonderful and I felt empowered. Everything was natural and smooth. It was a great opportunity to meet a bunch of cool mammas and share with them thoughts, dreams and receive answers. Highly recommended!